25b Crawford street W1H 1LJ

Titania’s Garden


Situated in the heart of Marylebone, Titania’s Garden is more than just a local fl orist. Our fantastic bespoke service, quality of fl owers and unique creative designs ensures that customers come back to us time after time. Titania’s Garden provides London with bouquets, gifts and urban landscaping assistance and our clients benefi t from our creative knowledge and experience Creativity is our passion - we showcase it through our work in Michelin star restaurants, fi ve star hotels, offi ces and private homes. Our boutique shop’s interior changes with the seasons, visiting us is an experience in itself. Stepping through the door, you’ll see we surpass other fl orists with our fl air for creativity, drawing elements from nature to create an atmosphere you won’t forget. Competitively priced and always happy to work with the customer to discover what they desire, Titania’s Garden offers direction, innovation and beautiful designs for every occasion.

Opening times:
Mon - sat 9-7
Sun 10-6
25b Crawford street W1H 1LJ
020 7724 0187