51 Blandford Street W1U 7HJ

Coco nails club


Coco nails club (formerly known as Fabuous nails) has been a little gem on Blandford street for almost 10 years. The salon was created by Coco and her professional team of skilful technicians. The salon has recently gone under an impressive make-over and become a must-visit beauty spot when in Marylebone The Decor inspires by iconic women fi gures (who are called bad girls by the salon- in a good way of course) both in history and mythology. Coco nails club knows best that women runs the world and it feels so much better to point the fi ngers with a fabulous set of nails. They also recharge you while you are on your beauty break with a complimentary drink as well. Nice touch!

51 Blandford Street W1U 7HJ
020 7935 1177