96 Columbia Road E2 7QB

Angela Flanders


Angela Flanders

Established in 1985, this award-winning artisan perfumery sell their own fragrances and scented candles, all created by independent perfumer Angela Flanders. This unique perfume shop has become a destination for all those who appreciate the art and craft of fi ne Artisan perfumery. The collection includes over 35 original perfumes as well as home fragrances and a skincare range. A second store, open during the week, can be found in Spitalfi elds. Opening hours: 96 Columbia Road E2 7QB, Sat 12 noon – 6pm, Sunday 9am – 4pm; 4 Artillery Passage E1 7LJ. Tue – Sat 11am – 6:30pm

96 Columbia Road E2 7QB,
4 Artillery Passage E1 7LJ

020 7739 7555
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