46 Long Street, Tetbury



Welcome to the wild world of Twig. To describe Twig as a flower shop would be a gross mis representation of what is in store for you the minute you step into Twig. Every pace you venture in opens your eyes to unexpected delights. The walls are bedecked with Su (the owner's) paintings. Large abstract canvases, bold and vibrant encouraging you to linger, look and start on another jorney of exploration. Su loves gardens and a lot of garden inspired cut flowers are in abundance not to mention the wonderful unusual plants and topiary that are in the court yard. There's a wildness, but elegance, a calmness and excitement and huge attention to detail. This continues throughout Su's work whether it be, wedding flowers, funerals, or just memorable occasions. Come and let your senses be overwhelmed!

46 Long Street, Tetbury
Tel: 01666 502080